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YouTube marketing training in Kochi

Ever since video search engines has introduced, several companies use this method as an online marketing tool. Videos play an important role in online marketing for companies. Video marketing generates a large number of potential customers directly to companies and most of these prospects become paid customers without much difficulty. Companies use videos not only to increase the sales and revenues, but also to educate potential customers about their use, inform potential customers about the use of products or services.

Enlapiz has developed a comprehensive YouTube video marketing course in Kochi that will help you develop your video marketing skills and earn a lot.

A company without a solid video marketing strategy surely loses a large volume of target customers interested in buying products or services from that company. Users spend long hours every month watching videos and always want to know and understand new products.

Why YouTube marketing

When it comes to social media, Facebook and Twitter are quite popular. But let’s not forget that, YouTube is also a part of social media and second most popular search engine. It means, it has got huge reach and immense opportunity to get leads, and conversion. Not only that, it will help in brand building and authority. Here are top three reasons to choose YouTube:

  1. Customer engagement
  2. Brand building
  3. Increase trust and credibility

YouTube marketing course module

  1. Understanding YouTube
  2. Account setup
  3. Choose a name for YouTube channel
  4. Optimizing channel
  5. Get your channel verified
  6. Advanced settings
  7. Creating thumbnail
  8. Keyword research
  9. Working on Title, description, and tagging
  10. Adding annotation and card
  11. Uploading your first video
  12. Spy your competitors
  13. How to promote your video
  14. Video link building
  15. YouTube copyright
  16. YouTube tool
  17. Monetizing your channel
  18. Analyzing
  19. How to get more subscriber
  20. Monetizing your YouTube channel